Mountain Bike Training and Fitness For Cycling

Whether its off season or in during season,  We provide mountain bike specific strength and endurance training at our gym or online based on your goal of being a better cyclist.

Using Heart rate , Watt meters and all sorts of  balance, strength training tools we can work with you individually to make you  a better rider with less chances of injury.

Swing This Kettlebell and Strength  is set up with mountain biking in mind. Our goal is to use the training center environment to help you nbecome better in the OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT. Several of our members are active riders for fun and competition.

Memberships are available  to train in person with us over the off season or add specific training to fill in the gaps for you during the season.

Kettlebells are fantastic for mountain biking as they teach absorption of weight   and force production rep after rep. Kettlebells are MEANT FOR STRENGTH ENDURANCE  and FLUID RANGE OF MOTION, UNLIKE BARBELLS!

We also have several pre-made base programs from 4 to 16 weeks of training to increase your handling and fitness for the trails or road.   These can be modified to fit your exact goals on the bike.

Email me for details on online programming  or training in person at Swing This Kettlebell and Strength which is less than 10 min from Devou Park Backcountry Trails, some of the best in the greater Cincinnati area!


Rick D.- Near the Pisgah Forest  (I have worked online with him for near 4 months during the past summer fall season)

“So lately every long climb that has always annoyed and drained me, has felt quite a bit shorter and easier, which has reserved energy and made me feel better on the technical downhills as well. Loving it. “

Sample Workout : Based on Stabilization Endurance and Reaction

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