Swing This Kettlebell Team Achieves Personal Records at IKFF Worlds 2018


I cant be much more proud of this picture.

This year due to certain circumstances I wasn’t able to attend the IKFF Kettlebell championships. Even if I don’t compete I still go up to cheer my clients and other  people on.

This year missing it hurt.

2 of these ladies have trained with me for over 6 years. Jody (left)  and Karen (right) make my time coaching fun with many inside jokes and observations over the years.

Emily (center)  is newer to our style of training being a converted runner  😉  but is one of the most dedicated to learning people I’ve ever met. I’ve never seen her get upset while training. A pleasure to coach and teach and has blossomed more than many ever will in such a short time training for kettlebell sport. 

I was very sad to not have been there in person. Yet I was incredibly elated to hear when all three of these not only ranked but had personal records!

Would you like to try kettlebell sport?   Besides myself, Jody is a personal trainer and can help you get into kettlebell training as well. You are welcome to join us! Also if you are far from my gym, you can always start with our Online Kettlebell Fundamentals Program that  these three ladies started with.    (You can purchase it  at the underlined link and I will send you access ASAP.

Love your hearts ladies, Way to show off beautiful kettlebell form and #lesspainsmoregains !!



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