Women and Kettlebell Training for Strength

At Swing This ,we dont focus on competing against others. We work together to understand form and that everyone is different.

Kettlebell sport is about endurance. But what happens when you ask clients to attempt a max here and there?

They get incredibly excited that they could do things they never thought possible when they started.

And @jenna_raes Are cleaning weights unilaterally without dropping under it that is close to or more than half of their body weight.

Neither are focused on being more jacked than someone else or taking performance enhancing compounds to do so!

This is about feeling better for everyday life! They do not powerlift and rarely touch a barbell.

Kettlebells fit them better for many reasons.

Strength increases fast here and injuries are incredibly rare with how I teach kettlebell training.

A 61 to 70 lb kettlebell is as weight that many women and men are humbled by.

For all you kettlebell using ladies can you tell them how impressive it is to clean 28 and 32kg within 1 to 2 years of ever touching a kettlebell?

Give em a hand!

Would you like to join us and become strong along with increasing functional endurance for life?

Im sure Jenna and Emily will help you get started.

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