How To Survive Thanksgiving 2017 !!! (or any other meal for that matter)

First off, It’s not as bad as you think.

Here are a few reasons why I say that  before I get into how to you can make it better to ease your mind.

  1. It happens once a year. There are much more “worse” holidays based on candy and junk food than Thanksgiving.  Many  people  who are following certain nutrition plans actually have worse “cheat meals ” weekly or Bi weekly.
  2. People actually COOK foods themselves instead of buying prepackaged stuff. (Its easier to make healthier versions if you want to….)
  3. Most of the foods are protein and veggie based.
  4. Its usually eaten in an environment filled with family and friends.

Ok, on to what you actually care about….  

0. [The most important one] EAT.                  SLOWLY.

Give your stomach a chance to talk to your brain…

  1. The night before eat less carbohydrates  and possibly have a higher rep, less weight workout , walk, jog or cycle.       This will deplete a bit of stored carbohydrates in your muscle   (think of emptying  your cars gas tank the night before a big trip so it has plenty of space to fill up before you take off)
  2. Eat several  Smaller meals leading up to the thanksgiving feast with your family.
  3. Make sure you do some sort of exercise before your feast.  Oh don’t have time?   take 10-20 minutes and do ONE Turkish Getup  every thirty seconds alternating sides.  This exercise literally hits every muscle in the body and gets you sweating !

4.  DRINK LESS ALCOHOL.  Seriously.  Less.  Its that simple. Drink water at least every other drink…

5. Don’t anger eat. Don’t spite eat.  Don’t be guilted into eating what you don’t want to by relatives. Don’t be mad at yourself. Back to the top, its one day.

6. You want pie? Eat some. Have leftovers? Give them to Uncle Harry. He doesn’t give a shit about his  health or looks.

7. Use this food energy  fill up for a great exercise session or sessions in the coming days.

8. Snack on veggies and make ranch dip using cottage cheese and ranch seasoning.  Don’t snack on sugary treats or rolls before  main meal.

9.  Get it out of your head to “save room for dessert”.  If you ate your fill of turkey, ham, beans, veggies, sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce, don’t feel that you HAVE to eat more if you don’t want to .   But, if it will help with your cravings have a bit . Just don’t keep having bites for the next week etc.

10. Enjoy family and friends, laugh a lot and be thankful you’re alive.

11. Don’t drink sugary and calorie filled beverages. USE WATER  or low calorie drinks. This is huge.


Chances are the weight you may gain is only  stored carbohydrate and water.  excess sodium that you may not be use


Joe Daniels .

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