Is Crossfit Dead ?

People are worried that the Atlas robot  from  Boston Dynamics is going to take over the world.   It definitely took  over #youtube with over 7 MILLION views in 2 DAYS !

But to some people I bet they’re only worrying whether or not it would be allowed in a CrossFit competition in the future AND TOTALLY DESTROY THE COMPETITION!!

Slap some compression  gear and a wig on it and maybe it could have a sub  1:30  time in Fran?

ID love to watch this robot slamming out burpee box jumps !

How about some cross country mountain bike racing?

Hold a 20RPM pace in Kettlebell sport competition jerk!?

Ha. All kidding aside, this is pretty fascinating to watch.    Teams of Human minds and the HUMAN Brain created this.

Its almost unbelievable to me the leaps forward that are happening now and in the past decades of the human species.

Watch this full video  and check how this thing actually adapts so fast to its bio(tech)mechanics and rotational forces.   Hell the best part is where people think its fake .

My favorite is watching a few of the Non Successful attempts of the backflip.   I mean thats pretty damn realistic !

I could watch :50 to :54 over and over and over…

Well I think we ave a while before its robot vs. human fitness competitions, so I think Crossfit  is safe for a while longer.   🙂

What do you think?   More hip drive?  Less knee shear?    Hehe!

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