Could You be Undereating for your goals?

Remember food not only fuels but repairs.

Many of us over train or over exert ourselves without proper recuperation from calories because we think it will cause us to lose more weight or fat .

Undereating can cause a host of other issues though, such as chronic soreness, lethargy, hormone disruption, foggy thinking, binge eating etc.

Many of us do not eat enough for many reasons. ]

Our relationship with Food is affected by many things. Advertising money and bad information over the decades from large food corporations cause many of us to not know WTF is right for us.

Were pummeled by diet books and “healthy” labels to counteract it .

Everyone has a different opinion on foods.  What eating plan or style worked well for them may do the exact opposite for you.

Almost all  eating “STYLES” such as low carb, high carb, ketogenic, whatever has worked well for certain people.   Just ask your friends  on Facebook what “fatloss” protocol works best to lose 10 lbs and you’ll get 47 different opinions!   and I bet all 47 things worked well for them, but may not be the best for you.

Testing, experimenting with foods (possibly working with your doctor)  and finding out what works for you is the best.

Some people have created habits causing them to eat too much over the years followed by the same people creating habits to eat not enough for fear of gaining the weight they lost back. This is usually caused by drastic changes in nutritional intake or “Yo- Yo” dieting .

Habits are created by repetition and feedback. it doesn’t happen overnight. It won’t happen in a week either. Monitoring intake without over stressing the outcome will go along way into your change into a healthier sustainable relationship with food and your “Food Environment” . (more on that phrase later)

Finding the right amount and type of food for you will probably take a while but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Precision Nutrition is a great base of knowledge to learn more about food and how it works for YOU not others.

As a coach I offer access to the  Precision Nutrition Program and  a closed Q&A group on Facebook for  a small  monthly fee  that will get your questions answered in a first come first served basis. This way the community learns even more from questions that they may have not thought to ask.

Feel free to tell some friends of yours about this group and how we can help to answer questions and create a better relationship with nutrition.


Joe Daniels

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