NPR Morning Edition Article on Floating

Listen to the Morning Edition segment at the link below…

Here is a very interesting short synopsis of floating  from NPR.

It helps to shed light on why  I have focused highly to bring this type of relaxation and meditation to the northern KY and Cincinnati area.

Everyone is different and will all  have differing experiences when floating just as we are unique individuals.

There has been floating research since the 60’s and works well for many types of ailments.  Im not sure why they say theres not much research as it happens all over the world  and you can easily find research on floating on and other sites.

Floating is definitely not a cure all but can work wonders for people when used as a part of holistic lifestyle with, activity, nutrition, and other stress management techniques.

I personally use floating for recuperation from strenuous activity, visualization for an article  I’m about to write or a competition I’m about to be in.

Even though I own a flotation center, I only float as often as I need  to combat  my current stress load.  Usually this ends up being once per week.  Many people spend more than this amount of money at bars  to deal with their stresses.

Floating is a wonderful way to get in tune with your body and mind as it allows you to focus unrestricted by external stimulus.   You can assess tight muscles, nervous thoughts, and even breathing patterns. Which by the way is in my opinion one the the largest benefits of floating as it helps you understand your breath (and or lack of breath quality).

You can easily book a few sessions at Think Tank Flotation in Newport KY or some of the other float centers in the tristate area using online booking systems and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have below.

Book a session at Think Tank Flotation here.


Joe Daniels floating-therapy-1_wide-4600fc88ae039021e19693a4e87ea689e418ae8e-s800-c85

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