Somersault Squat for Kettlebell Sport or Bodybuilding and Figure Competitors

Its great to see one of the best kettlebell lifters there is testing out a leg training triset  including the Somersault squat  we put together at Swing This Kettlebell and Strength.
This is Kimberly C Fox initial reaction .
I have to say she did it just right.
Exercises shouldnt be lumped together just to make a “WTF” or a “this is gonna kill” factor.
Some of the best training out there doesnt seem like it will be tough or flashy.
I put this together to focus on different energy systems, and form focus.
This is nothing that people should go for PR’s in.
This is energy assistance work and should be done exactly as Kim did., Post Kettlebell sets.
If used in Bodybuilding or figure, thats a different story.  pre exhaust or finishers
1 set may be all you need until you adapt to a higher volume.
 Click the link below to see

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