How Many Kettlebell Swings : 50 a Day ?

IN the past 10 years related to kettlebells, this is probably the most asked question of them all besides “What the hell IS a Kettlebell ? ”

There have been so many different thoughts and programs on how many kettlebell swings to do.

Swing This Kettlebell has been in business since 2009 and weve  tested nearly everything and are  no stranger to high reps, since we coach and teach kettlebell sport lifting .

As far as answers from popular internet sources, though here are a few …

Dan John is brought to mind with 10,000 kettlebell swings in a month from this T Nation  article from 2013.  I’ve tested it.  Enjoyable, but in my opinion entirely too much for people new to kettlebells.  But that’s the point. He made it to  make adaptations to previously trained individuals which seems mostly appropriate for collegiate athletes.

Pat Flynn likes to recommend 300 kettlebell swings  a day spread out in chunks.  His focus is fat loss with this protocol.  Everyday for thirty days, this is 9000 swings in a month and using a  24kg kettlebell for a guy.  Very similar to Dan Johns 10,000 in a month.  But , To what end??  Til you’ve lost the body fat you want??  To make changes in this once youve hit a goal will be a little too much volume with heavier weights.  Seems a little too repetitious to me adding that on top of  your existing training program.  Just my thoughts.

Tim Ferriss  advocated  75  kettlebell swings    2x per week in the 4 Hour Body and stated he achieved his  leanest physique to date.  Lets be more clear that there was lots of other variables especially better nutrition and stress relief techniques that helped that to happen.  But still   a good recommendation for people newer to kettlebells.

My addition is 50 HEAVY kettlebell swings per day. For as long as you are able to  but it isnt meant to be forever. It is meant to be a mass and  strength builder   especially on the limiting factors of your Strength endurance such as  forearm and finger flexors for grip and glutes and hamstrings for the deadlift.    It still goes around that kettlebells are mostly for cardio,   and Ill agree because not many people are using heavy enough ones!!!

By Heavy I mean,  heavy for you. dont compare yourself to myself and I shouldnt compare myself to The Mountain.

Its all relative.

But 50 uninterrupted HEAVY kettlebell swings WIll change you.

Use it as a phase. Come back to it some months  later.

I started for a week and made it 30 days no matter what my first time.

Watch this video and listen in depth to more of my philosophy  and definitely watch my video on the 5 big kettlebell swing mistakes before you do any of these programs.

By the way in the search for “how many kettlebell swings to do”  over the years the funniest response iIfound was  from Rdella training.  It was “somewhere between 50 and 10,000.”

I guess Im on the low end of the recommendation. Hahah.


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