Behind the Scenes: Bike Building

Bike building

Real professionals are passionate about what they do.

You will find this in all the best local businesses. Not all, but the best.

I’m working on connecting and acknowledging all the hardest working and passionate individuals I know. Because they are doing what they love for a career that gets their community feeling better.

This is Mr endurance Martin Alexander Sanders and X Games athlete Zachary Newman building a bike this weekend at Jason Resers shop in Newport KY.

Good things take time, concentration and communication. I watched these two work together to build this bike for someone who they did not know and it seemed as if they were building it for a family member.

I’m always happy to see people come together to make good things happen.,

You may think of it as “just a bike” or. “Just a business”.

But I can assure you , it’s much more than that.

Its people doing what they love, for a living, to help you feel good.







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