I Like Big Bikes and I Cannot Lie ! BUT… (sometimes they hurt my knees) Part 1

Knee pain



Today I’m at Reser Bicycle with @zachfullface and @natinitram working on building an Orbea bike. Were going to be filming a video on basic bike setup and fit so you can get on your bike more often with out pain.

Not many people realize that they should get fit for ALL types of bikes. From stunt bikes to road bikes.  From NEW bikes to  your OLD bikes. This will save you from pain in your feet, knees, neck and back.

Do you like bikes but possibly Have some little pains that keep you from enjoying rides or going longer?

Stay tuned for the COMING SOON video at our youtube channel and if you havent subscribed yet, please do!!  We have over 800 videos on fitness, nutrition and keeping you pain free in your activities!





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