Sex, Snooze Buttons and Broken Arms

Chances are you’ve had  a broken bone once  and chances are you’ve hit the snooze button a few too many times in your life….  Just how these two vastly different scenarios effect your lifestyle is just a case of  differing  perspective…   ….

So you’re trying to eat better and perhaps be more active.

Even if you may not see a lot of physical changes in the first couple weeks or months , you may be making mental strides. Things like not beating yourself up for not eating so called “perfectly “or missing the gym here and there even if you planned 4 days a week.

Youve got kids, you’ve got a job that isn’t normal hours and you Want a social life.

Learning how to adapt to changes in your schedule, bad weather, stomach aches and family get togethers is important.

Exercise and activity should be fun, eating and cooking should be enjoyable, and stress relief should come naturally.  Not as a bottle of wine every night.    (just ask me some things you can do for stress relief.)

Stop seeing things as falling off wagon and destroying your momentum..

You’re an adult who can make rational decisions, now let’s focus on them.

A broken arm is an excuse . Hitting the snooze button for an hour is not. 

With a Broken arm, yes, you may be limited in what  you can do physically.  But you could walk more, focus on nutrition, or take time to plan your  new business by studying until its healed.

Hitting the alarm clock snooze button 6 times in a row just perpetuates the fact you  aren’t ready to change.

Here try these things if you keep hitting that alarm clock and wasting 30 minutes of your day  that you could have  used to walk your dog, make a healthy breakfast or pack your lunch, stretch or massage your  chronic pain areas or plan for the day and feel less anxious.

  • Go to bed 3o min earlier.
  • Get a better mattress
  • Drink less caffeine
  • Stop playing on your phone or ipad before bed.
  • Watch a funny movie instead of a murder mystery before bed.
  • Ask your partner for a massage.
  • Have sex.
  • Just do SOMETHING that will benefit your life  instead of hitting that snooze button 6 times in the morning . Its just an excuse and its not a good one.

Its all perspective and we all have things that can get in the way of our goals. Some just choose to adapt and get things done.

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2 thoughts on “Sex, Snooze Buttons and Broken Arms

  1. Jherek says:

    Joe! I freakin love you man!!! This is all so true and so well put. I’m no longer hitting the snooze button. My arm isn’t broken and DAMN IT! IM TAKING LIFE BY THE BALLS!!! I imagine you have seen me do Quite a transformation this year and now I pledge to you to even ramp that up!!!
    See ya soon

    Liked by 1 person

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