Airrosti or Massage Therapy Combined with Magnesium Flotation Tanks

I’ve had Airrosti work performed on myself for over nearly 3 years.
Dr. Rob Balza at Airrosti – Clifton Foot Care Center has done wonders for fixing my repetitive strain injuries from severe plantar fasciitis to a heavily strained spinal erector and probably 10 different issues in between which result from being an active human being.
Airrosti therapy  and certain deep tissue massage therapy such as rolfing can be tough. And yes it can really hurt. But that’s what it takes sometimes to fix soft tissue [muscle, tendon etc] injuries.
I highly believe that #magnesium salt flotation such as we provide at Think Tank Flotation and Wellness can allow your brain to let your muscle relax in a stress relieving way to allow Airrosti therapy to work even better.
This is not me saying this as a business owner. This is me talking as an experienced person in both  types of  therapies. They will directly benefit each other. I can refer you to places all over the country.
I would preferably float for 60 to 90 min the day before or of your Airrosti therapy.
This will put you in a relaxed, and parasympathetic dominant state allowing as I feel to help you get even more out of the Airrosti  or deep tissue massage work.
Airrosti therapy is Swing This Kettlebell and Strength approved!
Let us know in the comments below if you have had Airrosti or other tissue work done to fix an injury.
Joe Daniels

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